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Seven ways to pay less tax in Germany

Doing your tax return in Germany can be a famously complex process. The tax authorities don't always make things easy for English speakers either. Here, a tax expert helps you understand exactly what you can claim in order to lower your tax bill.

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The Swedish MBA where they ‘throw you in at the deep end’


Merkel’s candidate seeks to close gap in TV debate

A televised election debate on Sunday marks one of the last chances for Germany's struggling chancellor candidate Armin Laschet, from Angela Merkel's conservative camp, to close the gap with his centre-left rival.

German finance and justice ministries searched in fraud investigation

International careers: top tips for improving your communication skills

Ever found pursuing an international career creates certain challenges when it comes to communication – or, should we say, miscommunication? Two experts at the University of Cambridge guide you through how to become a better communicator and avoid the pitfalls of international workplaces.

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German vaccine panel to recommend Covid jabs for pregnant women

The German Standing Vaccines Commission (STIKO) has spoken out in favour of Covid vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Germany extends financial aid for pandemic-hit businesses and the self-employed

OPINION: Germany is failing its Afghan helpers – out of fear of repeat of 2015 refugee crisis

Haunted by the spectre of a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis, the German government is being disastrously slow in fulfilling its duty to Afghans who worked with it over the past 20 years, argues J?rg Luyken.


ANALYSIS: Is Germany underestimating its Covid vaccination numbers?


10 facts that help explain the German language

Learning German or just curious about it? We've compiled some facts to help you understand the importance of the language, its historical roots and how it works.

German words you need to know: Das Tohuwabohu

UK introduces a new car sticker requirement for driving in Germany

There have been a lot of big changes in travel between Germany and the UK since the end of the Brexit transition period, but now the UK has introduced another - a new sticker requirement for British drivers.

Candidate barred from standing in German local election challenges removal of Brits’ EU rights

Unvaccinated workers in Germany could lose pay if ordered into quarantine

People in Germany who can't work because they've been ordered into quarantine are entitled to receive pay. But some states plan to remove this right for unvaccinated people - a proposal backed by the German Health Minister.


Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest news and talking points


Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest jobs news and talking points


Working in Germany: A weekly roundup of the latest jobs news and talking points

Passport stamps: What British residents in the EU need to know when crossing borders

British nationals resident in the EU have become concerned in recent months as their passports have been stamped when returning home from abroad. Here's the latest on what we know.


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Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget to trial self-checkout tills


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